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Achieving excellent bandwidth absorption by a mirror growth process of magnetic porous polyhedron structures


symmetrical hexagonalcone structure, Fe2O3/BaCO3, single crystal, porous magnetic absorber, effective frequencybandwidth


A symmetrical Fe2O3/BaCO3 hexagonal cone structure having a height of 10 μmand an edge length of ~4 μm is reported, obtained using a common solvothermalprocess and a mirror growth process. Focused ion beam and high-resolutiontransmission electron microscopy techniques revealed that α-Fe2O3 was the singlecrystal feature present. Ba ions contributed to the formation of symmetricalstructures exhibited in the final composites. Subsequently, porous magneticsymmetric hexagonal cone structures were used to study the observed intenseelectromagnetic wave interference. Electromagnetic absorption performancestudies at 2–18 GHz indicated stronger attenuation electromagnetic wave abilityas compared to other shapes such as spindles, spheres, cubes, and rods. Themaximum absorption frequency bandwidth was at 7.2 GHz with a coatingthickness d = 1.5 mm. Special structures and the absence of BaCO3 likely playeda vital role in the excellent electromagnetic absorption properties described inthis research.

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