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Performance projections for ballistic carbon nanotube FinFET at circuit level


carbon nanotube, fin field-effect transistor(FinFET), integrated circuits, multi-threshold voltage


A novel three-dimensional device structure for a carbon nanotube (CNT) finfield-effect transistor (FinFET) is proposed and evaluated. We evaluated thepotential of the CNT FinFET compared with a Si FinFET at a 22-nm node at thecircuit level using three performance metrics including propagation delay, totalpower dissipation, and energy-delay product (EDP). Compared with a SiFinFET, the CNT FinFET presents obvious advantages in speed and EDP arisingfrom its almost much larger current density but also results in a higher totalpower dissipation, especially at a low threshold voltage (Vth = 1/3Vdd). A suitableimprovement in Vth can effectively contribute to a significant suppression ofleakage current and power dissipation, and then an obvious optimization isobtained in the EDP with an acceptable sacrifice in speed. In particular, CNTFinFETs with optimized threshold voltages can provide an EDP advantage ofapproximately 50 times over Si FinFETs under a low supply voltage (Vdd = 0.4 V),suggesting great potential for CNT FinFET-based integrated circuits.

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