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A facile one-step approach to hierarchically assembled core–shell-like MnO2@MnO2 nanoarchitectures on carbon fibers: An efficient and flexible electrode material to enhance energy storage


manganese oxide, hierarchical structures, carbon cloth, electrochemical deposition, energy storage properties


Hierarchical core–shell-like MnO2 nanostructures (NSs) were used to anchor MnO2 hexagonal nanoplate arrays (HNPAs) on carbon cloth (CC) fibers. The NSs were prepared by a novel one-step electrochemical deposition method. Under an external cathodic voltage of 2.0 V for 30 min, hierarchical core–shell-like MnO2-NS-decorated MnO2 HNPAs (MnO2 NSs@MnO2 HNPAs) were uniformly grown on CC with reliable adhesion. The phase purity and morphological properties of the samples were characterized by various physicochemical techniques. At a constant external cathodic voltage, growth of MnO2 NSs@MnO2 HNPAs on CC was carried for different time periods. When utilized as a flexible, robust, and binder-free electrode for pseudocapacitors, the hierarchical core–shell-like MnO2 NSs@MnO2 HNPAs on CC showed clearly enhanced electrochemical properties in 1 M Na2SO4 electrolyte solution. The results indicate that the MnO2 NSs@MnO2 HNPAs on CC have a maximum specific capacitance of 244.54 F/g at a current density of 0.5 A/g with excellent cycling stability compared to that of bare MnO2 HNPAs on CC (112.1 F/g at 0.5 A/g current density). We believe that the superior charge storage performance of the pseudocapacitive electrode can be mainly attributed to the hierarchical MnO2 NSs@MnO2 HNPAs building blocks that have a large specific surface area, offering additional electroactive sites for efficient electrochemical reactions. The facile and single-step approach to growth of hierarchical pseudocapacitive materials on textile based electrodes opens up the possibility for the fabrication of high-performance flexible energy storage devices.

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