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Field-dependent spin waves in high-aspect-ratio single-crystal ferromagnetic nanowires


We investigate the spin wave (SW) modes in high-aspect-ratio single-crystal ferromagnetic nanowires (FMNWs) using an all-optical time-resolved magnetooptical Kerr effect (TR-MOKE) microscope. The precessional magnetization dynamics in such FMNWs unveil the presence of uniform and quantized SW modes that can be tuned by varying the bias magnetic field (H). The frequencies of the modes are observed to decrease systematically with a decreasing magnetic field, and the number of modes in the spectrum is reduced from four to three for H < 0.7 kOe. To understand these results, we perform micromagnetic simulations that reveal the presence of edge, standing wave, and uniform SW modes in the nanowires (NWs). Our simulations clearly show how the standing wave and uniform SW modes coalesce to form a single mode with uniform precession over the entire NW for H < 0.7 kOe, reproducing the experimentally observed reduction in modes. Our study elucidates the possibility of manipulating the SW modes in magnetic nanostructures, which is useful for applications in magnonic and spintronic devices.

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