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Pd-dispersed CuS hetero-nanoplates for selective hydrogenation of phenylacetylene


palladium, metal–sulfide, hetero-nanoplates, amorphous, hydrogenation


ABSTRACT We have exploited a new and distinctive combination method that “disperses” elemental Pd into CuS nanoplates. Pd was successfully dispersed by means of the concomitant transformation of CuS into an amorphous sulfide, which formed an intimate metal–sulfide contact via cation exchange and underwent a subsequent reduction. A series of such Pd-dispersed CuS hetero-nanoplates were synthesized with tailored proportions and compositions. By efficient utilization of noble metal atoms and stable anchored active sites, the optimal catalytic performance for the semihydrogenation of phenylacetylene, a probe reaction, was achieved with high selectivity, activity, and stability. We believe that the synthetic strategy described in our study is a feasible means of developing effective metal–sulfide catalysts for organic reactions.

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