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Composition- and oxidation-controlled magnetism in ternary FeCoNi nanocrystals


iron-cobalt-nickel, nanomagnetism, magnetocrystalline anisotropy, core–shell nanocrystals


Ternary FeCoNi metallic nanostructures have attracted significant attention due to their high saturation magnetization, unique mechanical properties, and large corrosion resistance. In this study, we report a controlled synthesis of ternary FeCoNi nanocrystals using solution-based epitaxial core–shell nanotechnology. The thickness and stoichiometry of the FeCoNi nanocrystals affect their magnetic characteristics, which can be controlled by a phase transformation-induced tetragonal distortion. Furthermore, surface oxidation of the stoichiometry-controlled FeCoNi nanostructures can drastically enhance their magnetic coercivity (up to 8,881.6 Oe for AuCu–FeCo), and optimize the AuCu–FeCo0.8Ni0.2 performance corresponding to the saturated magnetization of 134.4 emu·g−1 and coercivity of 4,036.7 Oe, which opens the possibility of developing rare-earth free high energy nanomagnets.

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