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Ultra-stable silica-coated chiral Au-nanorod assemblies: Core–shell nanostructures with enhanced chiroptical properties


chiral core–shell nanostructure, plasmonic circular dichroism, gold nanorods, self-assembly, high stability


ABSTRACT Chiral nano-assemblies with amplified optical activity have attracted particular interest for their potential application in photonics, sensing and catalysis. Yet it still remains a great challenge to realize their real applications because of the instability of these assembled nanostructures. Herein, we demonstrate a facile and efficient method to fabricate ultra-stable chiral nanostructures with strong chiroptical properties. In these novel chiral nanostructures, side-by-side assembly of chiral cysteine-modified gold nanorods serves as the core while mesoporous silica acts as the shell. The chiral core–shell nanostructures exhibit an evident plasmonic circular dichroism (CD) response originating from the chiral core. Impressively, such plasmonic CD signals can be easily manipulated by changing the number as well as the aspect ratio of Au nanorods in the assemblies located at the core. In addition, because of the stabilization effect of silica shells, the chiroptical performance of these core–shell nanostructures is significantly improved in different chemical environments.

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