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Multifunctional silver film with superhydrophobic and antibacterial properties


hydrophobicity, antibacterial, silver film, electrodeposition


Material properties are strongly dependent on material structure. The large diversity and complexity of material structures provide significant opportunities to improve the properties of the materials, expanding their applications. Here, we discuss the fabrication of a multifunctional silver film prepared by controlling the nucleation and growth of silver particles. Silver films with high hydrophobicity and antibacterial activity were fabricated by adopting an electrochemical approach. The dependence of the hydrophobic and antibacterial properties on the size and shape of the silver particles was first investigated. Small-sized silver particles exhibited a high antibacterial rate, while a porous silver film composed of dendritic particles showed a significant hydrophobic activity. By regulating the reaction time, current density, and silver salt concentration, a silver film with a contact angle of 150.9° and an antibacterial rate of 54.7% was synthesized. This study demonstrates that finding a compromise between different material structures is a suitable way to fabricate multifunctional devices.

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