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Radio frequency transistors based on ultra-high purity semiconducting carbon nanotubes with superior extrinsic maximum oscillation frequency


carbon nanotube, ultra-high purity, radio frequency transistors, maximum oscillation frequency, T-shape gate


In this paper, we report polyfluorene-separated ultra-high purity semiconducting carbon nanotube radio frequency transistors with a self-aligned T-shape gate structure. Because of the ultra-high semiconducting tube purity and self-aligned T-shape gate structure, these transistors showed an excellent direct current and radio frequency performance. In regard to the direct current characteristics, these transistors showed a transconductance up to 40 μS/μm and an excellent current saturation behavior with an output resistance greater than 200 kΩ·μm. In terms of the radio frequency characteristics, an extrinsic maximum oscillation frequency (fmax) of 19 GHz was achieved, which is a record among all kinds of carbon nanotube transistors, and an extrinsic current gain cut-off frequency (fT) of 22 GHz was achieved, which is the highest among transistors based on carbon nanotube networks. Our results take the radio frequency performance of carbon nanotube transistors to a new level and can further accelerate the application of carbon nanotubes for future radio frequency electronics.

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