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Temperature dependence of pyro-phototronic effect on self-powered ZnO/perovskite heterostructured photodetectors


self-powered, ZnO, perovskite, pyro-phototronic effect, temperature dependence


ABSTRACT Self-powered ZnO/perovskite heterostructured ultraviolet (UV) photodetectors (PDs) based on the pyro-phototronic effect have been recently reported as a promising solution for energy-efficient, ultrafast-response, and high-performance UV PDs. In this study, the temperature dependence of the pyro-phototronic effect on the photo-sensing performance of self-powered ZnO/perovskite heterostructured PDs was investigated. The current responses of these PDs to UV light were enhanced by 174.1% at 77 K and 28.7% at 300 K owing to the improved pyro-phototronic effect at low temperatures. The fundamentals of the pyro-phototronic effect were thoroughly studied by analyzing the chargetransfer process and the time constant of the current response of the PDs upon UV illumination. This work presents in-depth understandings about the pyrophototronic effect on the ZnO/perovskite heterostructure and provides guidance for the design and development of corresponding optoelectronics for ultrafast photo sensing, optothermal detection, and biocompatible optoelectronic probes.

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