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Rational construction of graphene oxide with MOF-derived porous NiFe@C nanocubes for high-performance microwave attenuation


hybrid, dielectric loss, magnetic loss, microwave attenuation


ABSTRACT Exploring lightweight microwave attenuation materials with strong and tunable wideband microwave absorption is highly desirable but remains a significant challenge. Herein, three-dimensional (3D) porous hybrid composites consisting of NiFe nanoparticles embedded within carbon nanocubes decorated on graphene oxide (GO) sheets (NiFe@C nanocubes@GO) as high-performance microwave attenuation materials have been rationally synthesized. The 3D porous hybrid composites are fabricated by a simple method, which involves one-step pyrolysis of NiFe Prussian blue analogue nanocubes in the presence of GO sheets. Benefiting from the unique structural features that exhibit good magnetic and dielectric losses as well as a proper impedance match, the resulting NiFe@C nanocubes@GO composites show excellent microwave attenuation ability. With a minimum reflection loss (RL) of –51 dB at 7.7 GHz at a thickness of 2.8 mm and maximum percentage bandwidth of 38.6% for RL < –10 dB at a thickness of 2.2 mm, the NiFe@C nanocubes@GO composites are superior to the previously reported state-of-the-art carbon-based microwave attenuation materials.

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