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Transparent heaters based on highly stable Cu nanowire films


copper nanowires, film heater, transparent conductive film, anti-oxidation, flexible device


ABSTRACT In spite of the recent successful demonstrations of flexible and transparent film heaters, most heaters with high optical transmittance and low applied direct current (DC) voltage are silver nanowire (Ag NW)-based or silver grid-based. In this study, flexible and stretchable copper nanowire (Cu NW)-based transparent film heaters were fabricated through a solution-based process, in which a thin layer of hydrophobic polymers was encapsulated on the Cu NW films. The thin polymer layer protected the films from oxidation under harsh testing conditions, i.e., high temperature, high humidity, and acidic and alkaline environments. The films exhibited remarkable performance, a wide operating temperature range (up to 150 °C), and a high heating rate (14 °C/s). Defrosting and wearable thermotherapy demonstrations of the Cu NW film heaters were carried out to investigate their practicality. The Cu NW-based film heaters have potential as reliable and low-cost film heaters.

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