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Geometry dependent photoconductivity of In2S3 kinks synthesized by kinetically controlled thermal deposition


geometry dependence, photodetection, In2S3 kinks, thermal deposition


ABSTRACT High quality In2S3 kinks were synthesized via a kinetically controlled thermal deposition process and their optoelectronic characteristics were systematically explored. The growth mechanism was attributed to the combination of kinetic dynamic, crystal facial energy, and surface roughness. Two trap induced emission bands were evidenced via a low temperature cathodoluminescence (CL) study. Furthermore, the nanowire junctions demonstrated a degenerative photodetection performance, as compared to the straight arms, attributed to a stress-induced extra series resistance measured from the kinked area. The well-controllable shape of the inorganic nanostructures and the detailed exploration of their optoelectronic properties are particularly valuable for their further practical applications.

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