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Solution processed MnBi-FeCo magnetic nanocomposites


magnetic nanocomposites, energy product, MnBi, hard magnets


ABSTRACT Advanced permanent magnets based on rare-earth-free MnBi intermetallic alloys are considered energy-critical materials due to their applications in high temperature power electronics and green energy-related generators and motors, owing to their positive temperature coefficient of magnetic anisotropy. However, a direct method to achieve high saturation magnetization, without the significant loss of coercivity, is critical for attaining high performance MnBi magnets. Here, we demonstrate the synthesis and processing of magnetic nanocomposites, consisting of metal-redox MnBi nanoparticles and electro-spun FeCo nanowires. The composition ratio, processing dependent magnetism, and increased coercivity with increasing temperature, were studied in MnBi-FeCo nanocomposites. The magnetic performance of nanocomposites was dictated by interfacial coupling between magnetically hard MnBi and semi-hard FeCo nanowires, as well as the composition ratio and processing conditions. Solution processed MnBi-FeCo nanocomposites allow the potential for the development of high temperature and high performance rare-earth-free permanent magnets.

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