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Vapor transport growth of MoS2 nucleated on SiO2 patterns and graphene flakes


MoS2, localized nucleation and growth, graphene, two-dimensional (2D) heterostructures


ABSTRACT Vapor transport growth of atomically thin MoS2 layers on patterned substrates is investigated, as it is a step towards the self-aligned growth and formation of heterojunctions, which could be useful in future applications. Enhanced formation of MoS2 flakes at the pattern edges is observed on both the substrates examined, namely, patterned thermal SiO2 on Si(100) and graphene flakes on SiO2. The diffusion driven growth leads to the formation of MoS2 monolayers (MLs) with sizes of tens of micrometers around the edges of SiO2 patterns. The growth mode and the optical quality of the MoS2 flakes can be controlled by varying the substrate temperature. Besides the lateral growth, 3R-type pyramids are obtained on prolonging the growth. Lateral MoS2-graphene heterostructures are obtained by using graphene flakes on SiO2 as a substrate.

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