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Sandwich structured graphene-wrapped FeS-graphene nanoribbons with improved cycling stability for lithium ion batteries


lithium ion battery, iron sulfide, graphene nanoribbons, graphene, energy storage


Sandwich structured graphene-wrapped FeS-graphene nanoribbons (G@FeS-GNRs) were developed. In this composite, FeS nanoparticles were sandwiched between graphene and graphene nanoribbons. When used as anodes in lithium ion batteries (LIBs), the G@FeS-GNR composite demonstrated an outstanding electrochemical performance. This composite showed high reversible capacity, good rate performance, and enhanced cycling stability owing to the synergy between the electrically conductive graphene, graphene nanoribbons, and FeS. The design concept developed here opens up a new avenue for constructing anodes with improved electrochemical stability for LIBs.

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