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MoS2 yolk–shell microspheres with a hierarchical porous structure for efficient hydrogen evolution


yolk–shell structure hydrogen, molybdenum sulfide, photoelectrochemical, electrochemical


ABSTRACT Yolk–shell architectures have attracted extensive attention owing to their unique structure and infusive applications. MoS2 is regarded as one of the most promising catalytic materials for hydrogen evolution by the splitting of water. In this work, a simple self-template solvothermal approach is developed for the synthesis of novel MoS2 yolk–shell microspheres with a hierarchical porous structure by reacting MoO2 microspheres with L-cysteine. A dissolutionrecrystallization formation mechanism is proposed for the MoS2 yolk–shell microspheres. Owing to structural superiority, the new material architecture exhibits improved photoelectrochemical properties, including efficient hydrogen evolution reaction catalytic activities, a high photocurrent density, a small overpotential, and a low charge-transfer resistance.

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