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The behaviors of ultra-low-gold-loaded catalysts (Au/CeO2) for CO oxidation in the presence of water on the catalysts


ultra-low-gold catalysts, water addition on the catalysts, hydroxyl and carbonatelike species, reaction pathways


The catalytic behavior of ultra-low-gold-loaded Au/CeO2 during CO oxidation was studied using HRTEM, TGA, in-situ FTIR, CO–TPD, O2–TPD, and O2–TPO. Herein, water, which facilitates CO oxidation, is present on the catalyst rather than obtained from the reactant gas. The experimental results show that the presence of water on the catalyst enhances the adsorption and activation of O2 to produce Oact on the catalyst surface, resulting in excellent catalytic activity. Different reaction pathways for CO oxidation over Au/CeO2 may be present; however, the dominant pathway is influenced by the species on the catalyst surface.

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