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Metallic and ferromagnetic MoS2 nanobelts with vertically aligned edges


MoS2 two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystal, nanobelt, edge effect, metallic, ferromagnetic


Edge effects are predicted to significantly impact the properties of low dimensional materials with layered structures. The synthesis of low dimensional materials with copious edges is desired for exploring the effects of edges on the band structure and properties of these materials. Here we developed an approach for synthesizing MoS2 nanobelts terminated with vertically aligned edges by sulfurizing hydrothermally synthesized MoO3 nanobelts in the gas phase through a kinetically driven process; we then investigated the electrical and magnetic properties of these metastable materials. These edge-terminated MoS2 nanobelts were found to be metallic and ferromagnetic, and thus dramatically different from the semiconducting and nonmagnetic two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) 2H-MoS2 materials. The transitions in electrical and magnetic properties elucidate the fact that edges can tune the properties of low dimensional materials. The unique structure and properties of this one-dimensional (1D) MoS2 material will enable its applications in electronics, spintronics, and catalysis.

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