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Porous bimetallic Pt-Fe nanocatalysts for highly efficient hydrogenation of acetone


porous Pt–Fe nanocrystals (NCs), self-assembly, acetone hydrogenation, highly active, good stability, interface effect


Porous Pt–Fe bimetallic nanocrystals have been synthesized via self-assembly and can effectively facilitate the synthesis of 2-propanol from acetone. The bimetallic catalyst has three–dimensional channels and shows turnover frequencies (TOFs) of up to 972 h–1 for a continuous process more than 50 h. Preliminary mechanistic studies suggest that the high reactivity is related to the interface consisting of a bimetallic Pt–Fe alloy and Fe2O3–x. An understanding of real catalytic behavior and the catalytic mechanism based on model systems has been shown to help fabricate an improved Pt/Fe3O4 catalyst with increased activity and lifetime which has great potential for large-scale industrial applications.

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