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Wafer-level site-controlled growth of silicon nanowires by Cu pattern dewetting


amorphous silicon nanowires (-SiNWs), wafer-level, Cu pattern, dewetting


An approach for the wafer-level synthesis of size- and site-controlled amor- phous silicon nanowires (-SiNWs) is presented in this paper. Microscale Cu pattern arrays are precisely defined on SiO2 films with the help of photo- lithography and wet etching. Due to dewetting, Cu atoms shrink to the center of patterns during the annealing process, and react with the SiO2 film to open a diffusion channel for Si atoms to the substrate. -SiNWs finally grow at the center of Cu patterns, and can be tuned by varying critical factors such asCu pattern volume, SiO2 thickness, and annealing time. This offers a simple way to synthesize and accurately position a SiNW array on a large area.

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