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Giga- and terahertz-range nanoemitter based on peapod structure


fullerenes, nanotubes, electronics, simulations, molecular modeling


We propose a theoretical model of a nanoemitter for giga- and terahertz-range waves. The model is based on a peapod structure comprising a carbon nanotube with chiral indices (10, 10). Three encapsulated and partially polymerized fullerene C60 molecules and a positively charged C60 fullerene are trapped inside the nanotube. The motion of the charged fullerene and the radiation frequency were controlled using an external electric field. Stable terahertz radiation at a frequency of 0.36 THz was produced at 300 K with an external electrical field of 10 V/μm. Stable radiation in the gigahertz range was observed at 50 K with an electric field below 10 V/μm. A theoretical simulation was performed using the tight-binding molecular dynamics method with a description of the van der Waals interaction by the Morse potential. The system described by the theoretical model was experimentally observed.

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