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Tunable diameter electrostatically formed nanowire for high sensitivity gas sensing


gas sensing, silicon nanowires, Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), electrostatic confinement, multiple gate transistor


We report on an electrostatically formed nanowire (EFN)-based sensor with tunable diameters in the range of 16 nm to 46 nm and demonstrate an EFN- based field-effect transistor as a highly sensitive and robust room temperature gas sensor. The device was carefully designed and fabricated using standard integrated processing to achieve the 16 nm EFN that can be used for sensing without any need for surface modification. The effective diameter for the EFN was determined using Kelvin probe force microscopy accompanied by three- dimensional electrostatic simulations. We show that the EFN transistor is capable of detecting 100 parts per million of ethanol gas with bare SiO2.

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