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Mode-synthesizing atomic force microscopy for 3D reconstruction of embedded low-density dielectric nanostructures


nanoscale subsurface imaging, atomic force microscopy, 3D reconstruction, nanoscale tomography, acoustic microscopy, dielectric


Challenges in nanoscale characterization call for non-invasive, yet sensitive subsurface characterization of low-density materials such as polymers. In this work, we present new evidence that mode-synthesizing atomic force microscopy can be used to detect minute changes in low-density materials, such as those engendered in electro-sensitive polymers during electron beam lithography, surpassing all common nanoscale mechanical techniques. Moreover, we propose 3D reconstruction of the exposed polymer regions using successive high-resolution frames acquired at incremental depths inside the sample. In addition, the results clearly show the influence of increasing dwell time on the depth profile of the nano-sized exposed regions. Hence, the simple approach described here can be used for achieving sensitive nanoscale tomography of soft materials with promising applications in material sciences and biology.

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