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Serum-induced degradation of 3D DNA box origami observed with high-speed atomic force microscopy


3D DNA box origami, high-speed AFM, stability, serum, kinetics


3D DNA origami holds tremendous potential for the encapsulation and selective release of therapeutic drugs. Observations of the real-time performance of these structures in physiological environments will contribute to the development of future applications. We investigated the degradation kinetics of 3D DNA box origami in serum by using high-speed atomic force microscope optimized for imaging 3D DNA origami in real time. The time resolution allowed to characterize the stages of serum effects on individual 3D DNA boxes origami with nanometer resolution. Our results indicate that the digestion process is a combination of rapid collapse and slow degradation phases. Damage to box origami occurs mainly in the collapse phase. Thus, the structural stability of 3D DNA box origami should be improved, especially in the collapse phase, before these structures are used in clinical applications.

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