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Multifunctional electrospinning composite fibers for orthotopic cancer treatment in vivo


electrospinning orthotopic, treatment, controlled release, multiple structure


A multifunctional, dual-drug carrier platform was successfully constructed. Core-shell structured NaGdF4:Yb/Er@NaGdF4:Yb@mSiO2-polyethylene glycol (abbreviated as UCNPS) nanoparticles loadedwith the antitumor drug, doxorubicin (DOX) were incorporated into poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) and gelatin loaded with antiphlogistic drug, indomethacin (MC) to form nanofibrous fabrics (labeled as MC/UCNPS/DOX) via electrospinning process. The resultant multifunctional spinning pieces can be surgically implanted directly at the tumor site of mice as an orthotopic chemotherapy by controlled-release DOX from mesoporous silicon dioxide (SiO2) and upconversion fluorescence/magnetic resonance dual-model imaging through NaGdF4:Yb/Er@NaGdF4:Yb embedded in MC/UCNPS/DOX in vivo.

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