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Highly stretchable, electrically conductive textiles fabricated from silver nanowires and cupro fabrics using a simple dipping-drying method


fabrics/textiles, metals, smart materials, electrical properties


In this study, we combined silver nanowires with cupro fabrics using a dipping– drying method to prepare electrically conductive fabrics. The silver nanowires were first adhered to and then absorbed by microfibers to form electrically conductive fibers. They also filled the gaps and spaces between the microfibers, and were stacked or piled together to form networks with high electrical conductivity. The electrically conductive fabric had low resistance and good stretchability, e.g., 0.0047–0.0091 Ω in the strain range of 0–190%. They also exhibited stable electrical conductivity, as well as excellent flexibility, which remained even when the fabric was stretched, shrunk, or bent. The results show that the electrically conductive fabric can be used as a smart textile, especially in fields associated with weaving, clothing, food products, lifestyle products, medicine, biology, electronics, aviation, and military equipment and accessories.

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