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Aerosol-assisted rapid synthesis of SnS-C composite microspheres as anode material for Na-ion batteries


tin sulfide, anode material, carbon composite, sodium battery, energy storage


SnS-C composite powders were prepared through one-pot spray pyrolysis for use as anode materials for Na-ion batteries. C microspheres with uniformly attached cubic-like SnS nanocrystals, which have an amorphous C coating layer, were formed at a preparation temperature of 900 °C. The initial discharge capacities of the bare SnS and SnS-C composite powders at a current density of 500 mA·g–1 were 695 and 740 mA·h·g–1, respectively. The discharge capacities after 50 cycles and the capacity retentions measured from the second cycle of the bare SnS and SnS-C composite powders were 25 and 433 mA·h·g–1 and 5 and 89%, respectively. The prepared SnS-C composite powders with high reversible capacities and good cycle performance can be used as Na-ion battery anode materials.

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