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Electrical field tuning of magneto-Raman scattering in monolayer graphene


monolayer graphene, magneto-phonon resonance, Raman, electrical field, suspended graphene


In this work, we report the electrical field tuning of magneto-phonon resonance in monolayer graphene under magnetic fields up to 9 T. It is found that the carrier concentration can drastically affect the G (E2g) phonon response to a varying magnetic field through a pronounced magneto-phonon resonance (MPR). In charge neutral or slightly doped monolayer graphene, both the energy and the line width of the E2g phonon show clear variation with magnetic fields. This is attributed to magneto-phonon resonance between magnetoexcitations and the E2g phonons. In contrast, when the Fermi level of the monolayer graphene is far away from the Dirac point, the G band shows weak magnetic dependence and exhibits a symmetric line-shape. This suggests that the magneto-phonon coupling around 4 T has been switched off due to the Pauli blocking of the inter-Landau level excitations. Moreover, the G band asymmetry caused by Fano resonance between excitonic many-body states and the E2g phonons is observed. This work offers a way to study the magnetoexcitation phonon interaction of materials through magneto-Raman spectroscopy with an external electrical field.

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