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Surfactant effect of antimony addition to the morphology of self-catalyzed InAs1−x Sb x nanowires


MBE, antimony, surfactant, self-catalyzed, InAsSb nanowire, morphology


The effect of Sb addition on the morphology of self-catalyzed InAsSb nanowires (NWs) has been systematically investigated. InAs NWs were grown by molecular beam epitaxy with and without antimony (Sb) flux. It is demonstrated that trace amounts of Sb flux are capable of tuning the geometry of NWs, i.e.,enhancing lateral growth and suppressing axial growth. We attribute this behavior to the surfactant effect of Sb which results in modifications to the kinetic and thermodynamic processes. A thermodynamic mechanism that accounts for Sb segregation in InAsSb NWs is also elucidated. This study opens a new route towards precisely controlled NW geometries by means of Sb addition.

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