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Vertically coupled ZnO nanorods on MoS2 monolayers with enhanced Raman and photoluminescence emission


MoS2 monolayers, ZnO nanorods, Raman, photoluminescence


Hybrid structures composed of layered materials have received much attention due to their exceptional tunable optical, electronic and catalytic properties. Here, we describe a hydrothermal strategy for coupling vertical ZnO nanorods on MoS2 monolayers without a catalyst. These vapor–solid-grown MoS2 monolayers aid in growing vertical ZnO nanorods via epitaxy. Enhanced Raman and photoluminescence emissions were observed from the MoS2 monolayers under the ZnO nanorods in these coupled structures, which was attributed to the light antenna effect of the ZnO nanorods. These hybrid and incorporation protocols for layered materials will provide new perspectives and opportunities for promoting the construction of heterojunctions with adjustable layered structures leading to fascinating fundamental phenomena and advanced devices.

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