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Electrochemically and DNA-triggered cell release from ferrocene/β-cyclodextrin and aptamer modified dualfunctionalized graphene substrate


cell release, ferrocene/β-cyclodextrin, AS1411, graphene


Here we report a dual-functionalized electrochemical substrate to trigger cancer cells release based on the supramolecular interaction between β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and Fc on clinical trial II aptamer AS1411 functionalized graphene platform. On one hand, the host-guest interaction can be reversible electrochemically controlled to realize cancer cells capture/release, and 1-adamantylamine binding can further amplify this surface change by competing interaction with β-CD. On the other hand, the AS1411 aptamer and its complementary DNA (cDNA) also can be used as a switchable anchor for cell adhesion. Our work gives an example for label-free, multi-functionalized triggered cell release based on aptamer and β-CD/graphene-modified surface and this multi-ways for cell catch-and-release on graphene modified surface also provides their potential biomedical application.

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