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Nanoscale noble metals with a hollow interior formed through inside-out diffusion of silver in solid-state core-shell nanoparticles


noble metal, nanoparticle, inside-out diffusion, solid-state, core–shell, hollow


Noble metal nanoparticles with hollow interiors and customizable shell com- positions have immense potential for a wide variety of applications. Herein, we present a facile, general, and cost-effective strategy for the synthesis of noble metal nanoparticles with hollow structures, which is based on the inside-out diffusion of Ag in solid-state core–shell nanoparticles. This approach starts with the preparation of core–shell nanoparticles with Ag residing in the core region, which are then loaded on a solid substrate and aged in air to allow the inside-out diffusion of Ag from the core region, leading to the formation of monometallic or alloy noble metal nanoparticles with a hollow interior. The synthesis was carried out at room temperature and could be achieved on different solid substrates. In particular, the inside-out diffusion of Ag calls for specific concern with respect to the evaluation of the catalytic performance of the Ag–based core–shell nanoparticles since it may potentially interfere with the physical and chemical properties of the core–shell particles.

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