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Atomic resolution scanning tunneling microscope imaging up to 27 T in a water-cooled magnet


scanning tunneling microscopy, water-cooled magnet, strong magnetic field, TunaDriver piezoelectric motor, highly oriented pyrolytic graphite


We report the first atomically resolved scanning tunneling microscope (STM) imaging in a water-cooled magnet (WM), for which extremely harsh vibrations and noise have been the major challenge. This custom WM-STM features an ultra-rigid and compact scan head in which the coarse approach is driven by our newly designed TunaDrive piezoelectric motor. A three-level spring hanging system is used for vibration isolation. Room-temperature raw-data images of graphite with quality atomic resolution were acquired in the presence of very strong magnetic fields, with a field strength up to 27 T, in a 32-mm-diameter bore WM with a maximum field strength of 27.5 T at a power rating of 10 MW, calibrated by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). This record field strength of 27 T exceeds the maximal field strength achieved by the conventional superconducting magnets. Besides, our WM-STM has paved the way to STM imaging using a 45 T, 32-mm-diameter bore hybrid magnet, which is the world’s flagship magnet, producing the strongest steady magnetic field.

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