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NiRh nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon as highly efficient catalysts for dehydrogenation of hydrazine in alkaline solution


hydrogen storage, metal–organic frameworks, nitrogen-doped porouscarbon, hydrazine


Well-dispersed bimetallic NiRh nanoparticles (NPs) with different compositions supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon (NPC) derived from metal–organic frameworks (ZIF-8) were synthesized through a co-reduction method. The NPC-900 supported NiRh catalyst exhibits the highest catalytic activity and 100% hydrogen selectivity toward hydrogen generation from hydrazine. These properties might be attributed to the high surface area and high graphitization of the NPC. This strategy may open up a new avenue for designing high-performance catalysts by utilizing NPC as a support to anchor active metal NPs for additional applications.

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