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Coherent Mn3O4-carbon nanocomposites with enhanced energy-storage capacitance


sonochemical, Mn3O4, Li-on capacitor, activated C, nanocomposite


Nanostructured Mn3O4 was introduced to activated C (AC) by a novel sonochemical reaction, and the resulting nanocomposites were examined as supercapacitor electrodes. The sonication not only catalyzed the redox reaction but also promoted the diffusion of the precursors, causing the formation of coherent nanocomposites with Mn3O4 nanoparticles grown and uniformly distributed inside the mesopores of the AC. In addition, the extreme local condition in the sonochemical synthesis yielded an excessive amount of divalent manganese ions and oxygen vacancies. This novel microstructure endowed the sample with a superior performance, including a specific capacitance of 150 F/g compared with the value of 93 F/g for AC at a charge/discharge rate of 100 mA/g. A Li-ion capacitor delivered an energy density of 68 Wh/kg, compared with 41 Wh/kg for the AC capacitor at a power density of 210 W/kg.

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