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A mini review of NiFe-based materials as highly active oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysts


oxygen evolution reaction, electrocatalysis, nickel-iron, water splitting


Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) electrolysis, as an important reaction involved in water splitting and rechargeable metal–air batteries, has attracted increasing attention for clean energy generation and efficient energy storage. Nickel/iron (NiFe)-based compounds have been known as active OER catalysts since the last century, and renewed interest has been witnessed in recent years on developing advanced NiFe-based materials for better activity and stability. In this review, we present the early discovery and recent progress on NiFe-based OER electrocatalysts in terms of chemical properties, synthetic methodologies and catalytic performances. The advantages and disadvantages of each class of NiFe-based compounds are summarized, including NiFe alloys, electrodeposited films and layered double hydroxide nanoplates. Some mechanistic studies of the active phase of NiFe-based compounds are introduced and discussed to give insight into the nature of active catalytic sites, which could facilitate further improving NiFe based OER electrocatalysts. Finally, some applications of NiFe- based compounds for OER are described, including the development of an electrolyzer operating with a single AAA battery with voltage below 1.5 V and high performance rechargeable Zn–air batteries.

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