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Core@shell sub-ten-nanometer noble metal nanoparticles with a controllable thin Pt shell and their catalytic activity towards oxygen reduction


core@shell, metal nanocomposites, Pt shell, sub-ten-nanometer, oxygen reduction


Reducing Pt loading, while improving electrocatalytic activity and the stability of Pt-based nanostructured materials, is currently a key challenge in green energy technology. Herein, we report the controllable synthesis of tri-metallic (Au@Ag@Pt) and bimetallic (Ag@Pt) particles consisting of a controllable thin Pt shell, via interface-mediated galvanic displacement. Through oil-ethanol-H2O interface mediation, the controllable “out to in” displacement of Ag atoms to Pt enables the formation of a thin Pt shell on monodisperse sub-ten-nanometer Au@Ag and Ag nanocrystals. The synthesized nanoparticles with a thin Pt shell exhibited potential catalytic activity towards the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) due to the high exposure of Pt atoms.

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