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Triboelectrification induced UV emission from plasmon discharge


triboelectrification, light emitting, plasma discharge, UV light, sterilization


UV is a high-energy electromagnetic radiation that has been widely used in industrial production and the scientific research domain. In this work, a deep UV light emission was obtained using triboelectrification induced plasma discharge without any extra power supply. By a mechanical friction between polymer and quartz glass, the triboelectric charges cause a changing electric field, which may bring plasma discharge of low pressure gas (Ar–Hg) and give out 253.7 nm irradiation. The UV light caused by continuous friction can excite a trichromatic phosphor and afford a bright white light emission. A UV sterilization experiment shows that ~98% of Escherichia coli can be killed in 30 min by UV irradiation, which reveals that a self-powered sterilization apparatus with good sterilization effect was fabricated. This work provides a novel design to fabricate a selfpowered UV light emitting device using low-frequency mechanical friction and realizes the coupling of triboelectrification and plasma luminescence, which may further expand the application of UV light in special circumstances.

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