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Straight and kinked InAs nanowire growth observed in situ by transmission electron microscopy


environmental TEM, nanowires, in situ, InAs, group III–V, kinking


Live observations of growing nanowires using in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is becoming an increasingly important tool for understanding the dynamic processes occurring during nanowire growth. Here we present observations of growing InAs nanowires, which constitute the first reported in situ growth of a In–V compound in a transmission electron microscope. Real time observations of events taking place over longer growth lengths were possible due to the high growth rates of up to 1 nm/s that were achieved. Straight growth (mainly in B directions) was observed at uniform temperature and partial pressure while intentional fluctuations in these conditions caused the nanowires to form kinks and change growth direction. The mechanisms behind the kinking are discussed in detail. In situ observations of nanowire kinking has previously only been reported for nonpolar diamond structure type materials (such as Si), but here we present results for a polar zinc blende structure (InAs). In this study a closed cell with electron and X-ray transparent a-SiN windows was usedin a conventional high resolution transmission electron microscope, enabling high resolution imaging and compositional analysis in between the growth periods.

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