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Polymer nanowire vertical transistors


polymer nanowires, vertical transistors, polystyrene spheres, colloidal lithography


By utilizing poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) polymer nanowires with diameters of ~15 nm as the vertical channel material, a polymer nanowire vertical transistor has been demonstrated for the first time. The P3HT nanowires were characterized by absorption spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. A saturated output current was created by increasing the thickness of the polymer layers between the electrodes through several spin-coating cycles of the polymer nanowires prepared in a marginal solvent. The carrier mobility was also increased through utilization of polymer nanowires with strong interchain interactions. By introducing a small hole injection barrier between the emitter and semiconducting polymer, an on/off current ratio of 1,500 was obtained. The operating voltage is less than 2 V.

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