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Mechanistic study of substrate-based galvanic replacement reactions


galvanic replacement reaction, hollow metal nanoshells, nanocages, heteroepitaxy, stacking faults


The sacrificial templates used in galvanic replacement reactions dictate the properties of the hollow metal nanostructures formed. Here, we demonstrate that substrate-based Au–Ag nanoshells with radically altered properties are obtained by merely coating silver templates with an ultrathin layer of gold prior to their insertion into the reaction vessel. The so-formed nanoshells exhibit much smoother surfaces, a higher degree of crystallinity and are far more robust. Dealloying the nanoshells results in the first demonstration of substrate-based nanocages. Such cages exhibit a well-defined pattern of geometric openings in directions corresponding to the {111}-facets of the starting template material. The ability to engineer the cage geometry through adjustments to the orientational relationship between the crystal structure of the starting template and that of underlying substrate is demonstrated. Together these discoveries provide the framework to advance our understanding of the mechanisms governing substratebased galvanic replacement reactions.

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