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Synthesis and TEM structural characterization of C60-flattened carbon nanotube nanopeapods


carbon nanotubes, nanopeapods, endohedral doping, electron microscopy


A fully flattened carbon nanotube (FNT), a graphene nanoribbon (GNR) analogue, provides a hollow space at edges for endohedral doping. Due to the unique shape of the hollow space of FNTs, novel types of low-dimensional arrangements of atoms and molecules can be obtained through endohedral doping into FNTs, which provides a new type of nanopeapods. FNT-based nanopeapods have been synthesized through endohedral doping of C60, and their structural characterization with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) performed. The doping of C60 into the inner hollow space of FNTs has been carried out via the gas-phase filling method, where open-ended FNTs are sealed in a glass ampoule and heated at 723–773 K for two days. TEM observations show that most of the encapsulated C60 molecules align as single molecular chains along the edges of FNTs and that some of the C60 forms two-dimensional close-packed structures inside FNTs.

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