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Metastable amorphous chromium-vanadium oxide nanoparticles with superior performance as a new lithium battery cathode


Cr2V4O13, nanoparticles, metastable amorphous structure, lithium battery


The main drawbacks of vanadium oxide as a cathode material are its low conductivity, low practical capacity and poor cycling stability. Adding Cr can improve its conductivity and a metastable amorphous state may provide higher capacity and stability. In this work, metastable amorphous Cr–V–O nano- particles have been successfully prepared through a facile co-precipitation reaction followed by annealing treatment. As a cathode material for lithium batteries, the metastable amorphous Cr–V–O nanoparticles exhibit high capacity (260 mAh/g at 100 mA/g between 1.5–4 V), low capacity loss (more than 80% was retained after 200 cycles at 100 mA/g) and high rate capability (up to 3 A/g).

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