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Polyelectrolyte multilayer electrostatic gating of graphene field-effect transistors


dirac point, graphene, transistor, electrostatic gating, polyallylamine hydrochloride (PAH), sodium polystyrene sulfonate (PSS)


We apply polyelectrolyte multilayer films by consecutive alternate adsorption of positively charged polyallylamine hydrochloride and negatively charged sodium polystyrene sulfonate to the surface of graphene field effect transistors. Oscillations in the Dirac voltage shift with alternating positive and negative layers clearly demonstrate the electrostatic gating effect in this simple model system. A simple electrostatic model accounts well for the sign and magnitude of the Dirac voltage shift. Using this system, we are able to create p-type or n-type graphene at will. This model serves as the basis for understanding the mechanism of charged polymer sensing using graphene devices, a potentially technologically important application of graphene in areas such as DNA sequencing, biomarker assays for cancer detection, and other protein sensing applications.

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