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Parallel arrays of Schottky barrier nanowire field effect transistors: Nanoscopic effects for macroscopic current output


silicon nanowire, effective Schottky barrier lowering, parallel array, electric field enhancement, output current amplification


ABSTRACT We present novel Schottky barrier field effect transistors consisting of a parallel array of bottom-up grown silicon nanowires that are able to deliver high current outputs. Axial silicidation of the nanowires is used to create defined Schottky junctions leading to on/off current ratios of up to 106. The device concept leverages the unique transport properties of nanoscale junctions to boost device performance for macroscopic applications. Using parallel arrays, on-currents of over 500 µA at a source–drain voltage of 0.5 V can be achieved. The transconductance is thus increased significantly while maintaining the transfer characteristics of single nanowire devices. By incorporating several hundred nanowires into the parallel array, the yield of functioning transistors is dramatically increased and device- to-device variability is reduced compared to single devices. This new nanowire- based platform provides sufficient current output to be employed as a transducer for biosensors or a driving stage for organic light-emitting diodes (LEDs), while the bottom-up nature of the fabrication procedure means it can provide building blocks for novel printable electronic devices.

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