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Design of multi-functional dual hole patterned carbon nanotube composites with superhydrophobicity and durability


dual hole, nanoimprint lithography, superhydrophobic, arbon nanotube, durability, multifunction


Most current research on nanocomposites has focused on their bulk attributes, i.e., electrical, microwave, thermal, and mechanical properties. In practical applications, surface properties such as robustness against environmental contamination are critical design considerations if intrinsic properties are to be maintained. The aim of this research is to combine the bulk properties of nanocomposites with the superhydrophobic surface properties provided by imprinting techniques to create a single multi-functional system with enhanced bulk properties. We report the development of a highly conductive superhydrophobic nanotube composite, which is directly superimposed with a durable dual hole pattern through imprinting techniques. The dual hole pattern avoids the use of high slenderness ratio structures resulting in a surface which is robust against physical damage. Its stable superhydrophobic properties were characterized both theoretically and experimentally. By incorporating high aspect ratio carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the dual patterned composites can also be effectively used for anti-icing and deicing applications where their superhydrophobic surface suppresses ice formation and their quick electric heating response at low voltage eliminates remaining frost. In addition, superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness (SE) was attained, with one of the highest values ever reported in the literature.

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