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Harvesting vibration energy by a triple-cantilever based triboelectric nanogenerator


triboelectric nanogenerator, harvesting vibration energy, triple-cantilever, self-powered systems


Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENG), a unique technology for harvesting ambient mechanical energy based on triboelectric effect, have been proven to be a cost-effective, simple and robust approach for self-powered systems. Here, we demonstrate a rationally designed triple-cantilever based TENG for harvesting vibration energy. With the assistance of nanowire arrays fabricated onto the surfaces of beryllium–copper alloy foils, the newly designed TENG produces an open-circuit voltage up to 101 V and a short-circuit current of 55.7 μA with a peak power density of 252.3 mW/m2. The TENG was systematically investigated and demonstrated as a direct power source for instantaneously lighting up 40 commercial light-emitting diodes. For the first time, a TENG device has been designed for harvesting vibration energy, especially at low frequencies, opening its application as a new energy technology.

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