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Large-energy-shift photon upconversion in degenerately doped InP nanowires by direct excitation into the electron gas


nanowires, photon upconversion, photoluminescence, indium phosphide


ABSTRACT Realizing photon upconversion in nanostructures is important for many nextgeneration applications such as biological labelling, infrared detectors and solar cells. In particular nanowires are attractive for optoelectronics because they can easily be electrically contacted. Here we demonstrate photon upconversion with a large energy shift in highly n-doped InP nanowires. Crucially, the mechanism responsible for the upconversion in our system does not rely on multi-photon absorption via intermediate states, thus eliminating the need for high photon fluxes to achieve upconversion. The demonstrated upconversion paves the way for utilizing nanowires—with their inherent flexibility such as electrica contactability and the ability to position individual nanowires—for photon upconversion devices also at low photon fluxes, possibly down to the single photon level in optimised structures.

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