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High crystal quality wurtzite-zinc blende heterostructures in metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy-grown GaAs nanowires


Nanowires, GaAs, heterostructure, polytypism, metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE)-growth


ABSTRACT We have prepared GaAs wurtzite (WZ)–zinc blende (ZB) nanowire heterostructures by Au particle-assisted metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) growth. Superior crystal quality of both the transition region between WZ and ZB and of the individual segments themselves was found for WZ–ZB single heterostructures. Pure crystal phases were achieved and the ZB segments were found to be free of any stacking defects, whereas the WZ sections showed a maximum stacking fault density of 20 μm–1. The hexagonal cross-sectional wires are terminated by {1010}-type side facets for the WZ segment and predominantly {110}-type side facets for the ZB part of the wire. A diameter increase occurred after the transition from WZ to ZB. Additionally, facets of the {111}-type as well as downwards-directed overgrowth of the WZ segments were formed at the WZ to ZB transition to compensate for the observed diameter increase and facet rotation. In the case of WZ–ZB multiple heterostructures, we observed slightly higher densities of stacking faults and twin planes compared to single heterostructures.

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